Size Guide: Boots

So, you fancy a new pair of boots, the one’s you like involve an online purchase so trying them on before you buy isn’t an easy option. Hmm, sounds familiar.

This is a predicament I myself have been in many a time and communicate with our customers about on a daily basis. I always get into as much detail as needed/ required with customers about sizing and, have very high success rates the first time around, but we thought it was about time we had a fairly in depth resource in one easily accessible place for our customers and inquisitors to get a bit more insight on the sizing and fit of the brands we stock in comparison to each other and, others that we don’t, but have experience of.

To best illustrate comparisons I will tell you what I would/ do wear in a number of brands which has come from personal experience either currently or in the last few years.

I am what you would maybe class as a standard UK 8 as measured on the brannock device for UK sizing. I have fairly standard width feet that are maybe a tad on the wider side but can generally find comfort in a lot of brands standard widths (US D for most). I also have fairly high arches (no ballerina though). All sizes listed are the manufacturers sizing as shown on the box. Here is what I would or do wear and how they feel by brand:

  • Red Wing:
    • Foreman Chukka: 8.5 US
    • Pecos: 8.5 US
    • Iron Rangers: 8.5 US
    • Beckmans: 8.5 US
    • The Chukka & Pecos feel a bit pinchy at the toes due to the last shape.
  • Viberg – 2030 last: 7.5 – 8. Sizing has been a bit inconsistent from experience.
  • Trickers – 4497 last: 8, 4444 last: 7.5.
  • Crockett & Jones: 7.5 – 8 dependent on last. Chepstow boots were a 7.5.
  • Alden: Indy Boot: 8.5US, Barrie last: 8D (felt a bit tight in width).
  • Converse: 8 UK (9 US I believe)
  • Nike: 9 US (Nike Air Max), 8.5 (Tailwind)
  • Adidas: 8.5 – 9 UK (style dependent)

John Lofgren:

Engineers: 8

Please see our guide to the John Lofgren Engineers here for more info on sizing. Curvy shape and a rounded toe. Marked as a D width but most would say slightly wider throughout the foot and the heel but once your foot is in (see the guide) and the straps are pulled tight they are very comfortable, more so after a few weeks of solid wear.

Donkey Punchers: 7.5 – 8

(other vendors recommend the same size as the engineers but I feel the half size down feels better if you’ve got a little room in length to play with). Again, shapely, similar in width and length to the engineers but have more volume over the top of the foot and toes. Size 8 would also work well and allow for slightly thicker socks.

M43’s: 8 – 8.5

An 8 is a good snug fit for thinner/ medium weight socks, think dress to sports socks. I would most likely go with an 8.5 for heavier weight boot socks. The beauty being that the leather is forgiving and shapes quickly to the wearers foot. Munson (military favourite) type last. Very comfortable immediately due to the unstructured toe and pliable but durable leather.

Combat Boots: 8

As above with the M43’s. The Combat boots are made on the same last as the engineers but due to the extra leather around the laces they feel a tad more snug. Again, a great fit in medium socks. If wearing thicker socks all the time I would go up half a size.

Chukka Boots: 8.5

The Chukka’s are also made on the engineer boot last but due to the extra leather around the lace area and I imagine being able to pull this leather tight to the last they do feel lower profile and therefore tighter across the top and the width of the foot. The leather does give but I would recommend that unless you have slim feet (below a standard D) you go up a half size and start off with dress socks.

White’s Boots:

Smoke Jumpers/ SJ last: 7.5D

The SJ’s have a roomy feel to them and due to this I go down a half size in them as the length and width feels perfect in a 7.5. They can feel a tad snug at the toe’s to begin with but after a few wears they shape nicely and there is plenty of wiggle room.

Semi Dress Boots, #55 last: 8D

Great all round fitting last, they feel like a standard D width but with plenty of toe wiggle room and like all White’s are very supportive through the middle and back of foot.

Swing/ Munson Last: 8D

If you have wider feet at the toes, this is a great last, slightly less arch support but it is still there and very supportive.

C461 Work Boot Last: 8D

Known as the spring toe last, it has a slightly more almond shaped slimmer profile toe with a slight upturn/ kick. More sleek looking than some of the above. It has slightly less arch support than the above lasts but still very supportive feeling underfoot.

North West Last: 8E

Good room in the toes but in the Oxfords the D width can feel a bit tight to begin with so if a D width generally fits well then I would recommend going for an E width.

MP/ Chukka Boot, Modified Barrie last: 7.5E – 8D

Standard White’s roomy but supportive heel. Very low profile across the top of the foot which can feel quite snug to begin with. The leathers available for this boot are very pliable and through experience I can confirm the tightness eases very quickly so you can comfortably go with standard sizing. Again there is less arch support than other White’s above but they do feel very comfortable and supportive underfoot due to the all leather shank. Plenty of width in the almond shaped toe.

Truman Boot Co:

Truman Boot Co standard last: 8D

They feel immediately comfortably snug in this size in medium weight socks and in a short time they give enough for a great fit. It’s a great shaped last, comfortable and with plenty of toe wiggle room.

Rolling Dub Trio Logo

Rolling Dub Trio:

Coupen, Stan & Whale: 7.5 – 8

All on the same last which is slim in the heel and middle foot and a standard slightly slimmer width in the toe with good volume over the toes. In medium weight socks a 7.5 is a good fit, a tad snug but give’s with wear for a very comfortable fit. If wanting to wear thicker winter socks immediately I would go with an 8.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please click here and we will be in touch shortly. All brands from all makers across the world measure up differently so please do remember to:

They will just confuse you. Go by the size on the box/ boot and the makers or vendors recommendations.