Skoob Wander Engineer Boots – Black Horsebutt

by Skoob Boots


Skoob Wander Engineer Boots – Black Horsebutt


The Wander engineers from Skoob are stunners! Great lasts, comfortable fit, tough leather and nicely finished. They are a great all round pair of engineers that for us have the perfect aesthetic balance between rugged and dress boots and a heel that hits the mark perfectly with it’s height and shape.

The leather is veg tanned horsebutt from Italy. It is mid weight, a bit mixed in terms of grain to plain variation but overall small vintage type streaky grain as in the images. It is quite stiff in the shaft (like Atttactions HB) and feels stiff but pliable in the foot. It will age beautifully as it has that vintage horse look and feel. There is some slight colour variation in the Brown version due to the hides and dyeing which adds character and will blend as the leather ages. The leather also has the odd mark from construction and mark from the hides themselves but in areas that do not detract from their look such as the shaft etc.., the toes and vamps are very clean.

The shape/ last is shapely, looks quite chiselled, has more volume over the toes and mid foot (again, a welcome point of difference) but doesn’t in anyway look bulky or cumbersome, it still looks sleek and is a great fit for many a foot as it has a slight rounded munson shape to the waist and toe. 

Construction & finish: Steel buckles, cats paw heels, biltrite half soles and leather mid soles. They are Goodyear 270 degree welted, have a one piece cork fill (not shavings) for comfort and longevity between the insole and mid sole and the trim and stitching are very neat and uniform. They are a very well balanced boot.

Made in Japan. Take a look at the sizing tab.

  • Italian Veg Tanned Horsebutt – Stiff and mid weight
  • Steel buckles
  • Goodyear 270 degree flat welted
  • Oak Bark tanned heavy midsole
  • Oak Bark tanned stacked heel
  • Steel shanks
  • Biltrite half sole & Cat’s Paw heels
  • Rolled top
  • US sized but please see the sizing tab

The Wander engineers are a good fit for many a foot shape. They have quite a chiselled shape through the mid foot and toe, almost like a rounder toed Munson last with good volume above the toes and mid foot. They are pretty much a standard D width but a tad more generous and when the volume collapses and shapes they will feel a bit wider up the front.

An 8.5 US in Wander boots is similar in length to the below:

  • John Lofgren Engineers: Closer to 8.5 than 8 US
  • John Lofgren Donkey Punchers: 7.5 – 8 (in between)
  • John Lofgren Combats: Closer to 8.5 than 8 US
  • John Lofgren M43: 8 – 8.5 US (in between)
  • Attractions engineers (all numbers): 8.5 US
  • Red Wing Iron Rangers: 8.5 – 9 US (in between)
  • Red Wing Pecos, Iron Rangers: 8.5 US (7.5 UK)
  • Viberg: 8 – 8.5 (2030 and 1035 last)
  • White’s Boots (last dependent): 8 D
  • Rolling Dub Trio Coupen & Stan: 7.5 – 8 US (in between in length)
  • Truman Boots: 8.5
  • Trickers 4497’s: 8 UK

For any other comparisons or for any other sizing questions you may have, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. We have experience with a number of UK, European, Japanese and USA made branded shoes/ boots to help with comparisons and can take any measurements you may need. Please also check our size guide for a good general overview of the brands we carry and more.