Dry Bones

Dry Bones are a Tokyo based brand with a long history in vintage Americana and who produce some well thought out, uncomplicated and very well made vintage styled garments.

After opening a vintage clothing store in Tokyo in 1989, Kiyoaki Takeuchi (designer and founder) created Dry Bones in 1992 with the vision of creating vintage styled garments that would outperform the originals whilst staying true to their style, culture and production techniques. Their aim was to respectfully connect the past with the future.

Dry Bones is a small, ethical production company who’s collections have a range of  influences deeply rooted in Rockabilly, 50’s Americana and earlier 20th century classics.

We are really pleased to be a stockist, their denim is what originally peaked our interest and that is what we are starting with. More to follow but the denim is a fantastic start.

“Dry Bones: Animals die and become bones but they make the land fertile” Nice!