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Payment Options:

The are 2 secure ways to checkout at East West Apparel as detailed below. With both options we guarantee that none of your financial details are visible to or handled by us and are securely encripted and hosted by the two very well established payment processors offered below. Simply choose which service you would like to checkout with at the bottom of the checkout page.

PayPal is currently the largest online payment processing service available. When you choose to pay with PayPal in the checkout area you are taken by secure connection to PayPal’s website to complete the transaction. Once you you have completed the transaction you are then returned to East West Apparel for your order confirmation. No financial details are handled by us, they are all handled by PayPal through their secure payment platform. We can also invoice you through PayPal for any “custom orders”. For further details about PayPal please visit:

Payment Sense is again one of the largest and most trusted payment processing companies available today. Choosing this option on the checkout page allows you to pay by credit or debit card for your item. All of the most common types of credit/ debit cards are accepted including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. As with Paypal, none of your financial details are visible to or handled by us and the payment page is hosted through Payment Sense’s secure integrated payment page. We can also send you a payment link through Payment Sense for any custom orders that are not visible as an in stock product such as “Custom White’s Boots”.

Privacy & Security:


The security and privacy of your personal information is extremely important to us.

East West Apparel is committed to complying with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that became mandatory on the 24th May 2018. The GDPR is a regulation that is being implemented and must be adhered to by any company or body that handles or has access to any of their customers or subscribers personal information within Europe. It is being implemented to further protect customers/ subscribers privacy and will  help to give the customer/ consumer/ subscriber more transparency and control over what information is held about them and how it is used.

The information below informs you of what we currently do, will do and won’t do with any of your personal information. Personal information includes your name, address, email address, any financial information, contact information and IP (internet) address.

Your details with East West Apparel:
  • If you sign up for an account with East West Apparel, the information that is gathered at this point such as your name, address, email address, contact number and IP address are stored on an SSL certified cloud server with a reputable web hosting company. Only East West Apparel has access to this information.
  • This information is only ever used to process an order you have placed or to communicate with you about the order and send you shipping confirmation. No other type of communication will be sent to you.
Newsletter & Marketing emails:
  • You are not automatically signed up to receive any communication from East West Apparel, such as a newsletter or promotional/ marketing emails, there is no pre-ticked box for signing a customer up to any communication, we leave that for you decide by removing the option completely from any account log in or sign up pages and have an opt in only feature at the bottom/ footer of the website.
  • If you do choose to sign up to the newsletter then this is taken as your consent to receive emails from East West Apparel about new products, promotions or special offers only.
  • If you do opt in to receive communication from us then only your email address, no other information, will be stored on a database with mailchimp which is the service we use for any marketing/ promotional type of emails and only East West Apparel has access to that information. Mailchimp are fully GDPR compliant and have taken a lot of steps to ensure the companies that use their service are too:
  • If you have signed up to receive the newsletter there will always be the option to unsubscribe from any communication from us at the bottom of the email. Simply click the link and you will be removed from the database and you will not receive any further correspondence from East West Apparel if not relating to an order or your account with us.
Financial & Other:
  • We do not see or handle any of your financial information as described in the payment information above. The payment provider you choose to use has their own privacy & security policies which comply with the GDPR. Please visit their individual websites for full details.
  • We do not and will not ever ask for your age or gender and have no automated means of recording this information.
  • East West Apparel will never sell or give your information to any third parties.
Your Rights:

At any point you as the customer/ consumer/ subscriber have the right to:

  • Be informed: As detailed throughout this privacy notice.
  • Access: Find out what information East West Apparel has about you.
  • Erasure: You can ask East West Apparel to delete any information about you.
  • Object: Remove yourself from any marketing/ promotional emails by not signing up for or unsubscribing from our email list.

Please contact us or send an email to [email protected] with your request including your name and registered email address and we will be happy to supply you with, delete or alter any information that we have about you within 48 hours.

For a full breakdown of your rights please see this document:

This Privacy Policy forms part of our full Terms and Conditions.

  • You can confirm the security of your connection to East West Apparel and any payment provider by looking at the address bar and checking that the padlock is there and the start of the address is highlighted in Green (on desktop browsers).
  • East West Apparel is hosted on a secure encrypted SSL certified cloud server in the UK.


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