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How we measure:

This is a guide to how we measure clothing and accessories so you can do a direct comparison to a similar item of your own to see how it will fit. Please pull the tape measure and material as taught as possible without stretching it and ideally use a soft tape measure for better accuracy. The images are for illustration of where to measure only.


Waist: Lay the front and back waistband as flush as possible on each other and measure from side to side to where the material curves.


Front rise (F rise): Measure from the crotch seam to the top of the waist band as shown.


Rear rise (R Rise): Measure the rear rise as shown from the other side of the crotch seam to the top of the waist band.


Thigh: Lay your bottoms flat, pull all seams out as flat as possible. On the top of the inseam you might get some excess material, if so, measure from the edge there at the same angle as it tapers across the thigh to the other side.


Knee: From the crotch seam, measure 33 cm’s along the inseam down the leg, hold your finger there and then measure across the knee.


Hem: Measure from side to side on the outside of the opening, not inside.

Inseam: Pull the leg as straight as possible and measure from the crotch seam to the hem (leg opening) following the curve as close as you can. It is not an exact science but it will give you a good idea on length. Most jeans and trousers you see here will have at least a 34″ and often much longer inseam.


(The same guidelines apply for all tops and outerwear)

Chest: Lay your top/ shirt/ t-shirt flat on it’s back, flatten out any excess material and measure from pit seam to pit seam straight across the chest. In the rare case that there is excess material when laid flat measure from material edge to edge in the same place.


Shoulders: Lay your top on it’s front, flatten out the material and measure from shoulder seam to seam (from the outside of the seam) across the widest part of the top of the shoulder.


Sleeves: Lay the sleeve flat and measure from shoulder seam following any slight curve to the end of the sleeve.


Back length: Measure from the bottom of the collar or rib in a straight line down the back to the very bottom of the material.

Any questions, please just ask.

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