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Hello and welcome to EAST WEST APPAREL. I wanted to share with you what motivated me to create the company in the first place. I wanted to be able to offer up a real quality alternative to the throwaway,  characterless and poor-quality offerings of the high street by being amongst the few in the UK to bring British and European men-of-taste some hand-crafted, choice apparel from all over the globe.

As I have discovered (through far too much research into the minutest details), I am not the only one who has this passion for quality artisanal men’s products: there are quite a lot of us out there and the numbers are growing.

We are starting with just a couple of select products and brands and will be adding what we and hopefully you will consider to be the best of the best from the UK, Europe, the US and Japan within a short time.

I am always open to suggestions on product choices if you fancy sending me any ideas and I'm always keen to hear from any customers, so please get in touch if you’d like to.

Thanks for visiting East West Apparel, I hope you like it.

Jamie (Owner)